HSEQ is one of the most important areas for bilfinger industrial services. Our hse policy and our hse thinking are at the heart of everything we do.

HSE policy: Our goal is to provide a working environment where competence and management of the tasks are focused, in order to prevent injuries and promote positive health effects.

The employees at Bilfinger Industrial Services are the most important resource for the safe and secure execution of our operations.

This resource, the Management of Bilfinger Industrial Services will use and develop in the best way for:

  • The individual employee
  • Our customers
  • Bilfinger Industrial Services as a company
  • We will engage our employees in our quest to achieve a good working environment.

We want to be proactive in our HSE work using observations of tasks to be able to take action and organize the work in a healthy way.

Compliance with laws and regulations is a matter of course for our HSE work.

We will work to:

  • Develop a safe and attractive work environment, where well-being, cooperation and mastering work tasks are in the focus
  • Ensure that our employees have the necessary competence to carry out their duties in a safe and healthy way
  • Ensure that our leaders have sufficient expertise to guide and monitor their employees in Health, Safety and Environment
  • Develop health promotion measures for our employees
  • Systematically evaluate our incidents and accidents, to put in place preventive and corrective measures for preventing adverse health effects in the short or long term
  • Systematically map work environment and take preventive and corrective measures to prevent short or long term negative health effects
  • Reduce the risk of accidents that affect people, the environment or materials
  • Ensure that our employees are connected to health care and through this monitor, their health based on risk factors in the work environment
  • Using "best practices" as a method to improve our work processes with regards to work environment and safety
  • Have control over our production facilities and waste streams in such a way that it meets the requirements of the company and the society

All employees have a responsibility in our HSE work:

Managers at all levels are responsible for planning, organizing and implementing their own HSE requirements within their respective areas of responsibility.

The individual employee is responsible for the safe and effective performance of his / her duties, showing the necessary care and responsibility for the environment and safety. The individual's commitment must ensure that Bilfinger Industrial Services appears as a solid partner in which HSE is a significant competitive factor.

Our HSE work is organized in accordance with national laws and regulations in the countries we operate. The work is focused on strong leadership commitment and strong employee influence within HSE.

Our HSE system is made up of procedures that describe our most important HSE tools and our “Best practice” that is developed through learning and exchange of experience in networks throughout the organization. Our HSE work is certified according to OHSAS 18001 - Work environment control system.

Monitoring of our daily HSE work is based on these procedures and established practices, as well as on guidelines in our annual business plan. There are several specific KPI´s that include HSE. These will be measured every month and followed up continuously.


Bilfinger Industrial Services target is to meet the customer's current expectations and future needs.

This will be achieved through systematic and long-term work and focus in connection with:

  • Active use of customer feedback to help define the appropriate quality of our products
  • Good understanding of the goals throughout the organization
  • Systematic use and follow-up of improvement tools throughout the organization
  • Management's commitment to improvement tools every month and followed up on standardization and improvement of the definition of work processes
  • The unit's quality goals are the KPI´s in the annual business plan and the results are followed up on monthly reporting. In addition, complaints, customer complaints and deviations must be registered and processed.

The quality system within the various units in Bilfinger Industrial Services will be developed according to EN-ISO 9001.

Quality goals are set in the form of KPI´s in the annual business plan. The results are followed up by monthly reporting.

Analysis of satisfaction surveys of customers and employees, of work processes and deviations in quality and HSE will be important parts of the improvement work.

Standardized work processes must ensure that the right quality is achieved. All units in Bilfinger Industrial Services are certified according to EN-ISO 9001.

Bilfinger Industrial Services is listed in Achilles for companies approved for offshore projects.

HSEQ contact person

Miriam Johansson

Miriam Johansson

HSEQ Manager

Mobile: +46 729-936652

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