Main Contracts

The main contracts business areas are based on long-term maintenance contracts against the chemical and process industry.

The basis for the business is maintenance services through our partnerships with large customers. The contract is based on our own quality concept, BMC, Bilfinger Maintenance Concept.

Our over 300 competent employees are used to working in the chemical and process industries as well as with other customers through our Maintenance Center. At both Bilfinger and customers in the chemical and process industries, safety focus and risk awareness are central to our work.

As a Contract Customer at Bilfinger, you will meet experienced engineers and technicians with detailed knowledge of maintenance processes. Together, we review your company's procedures and procedures for developing Maintenance Systems and maintenance activities that are tailored to your company's needs. We carry out this screening both before the start of a long-term contract or as a separate order when a customer wants to improve their Maintenance Operations.

Our Maintenance Center is central to our concept, as they are responsible for balancing customer needs, both by providing extra resources at shutdowns, but also by receiving surplus from customers when their needs are temporarily or permanently reduced.

On these occasions, our employees can move from one contract customer to another alternatively, participate in other assignments, big or small.

A very important area of ​​our business is maintenance and projects in connection with the plant´s  revision shutdown. We carry out parts of, or entire audits, TurnArounds (TA), for our customers.

Within our operations, we have expertise in mechanical, electric, instruments, automation, as well as maintenance planning and engineering services.

At the Maintenance Center we also specialize in larger and smaller shutdown jobs, vibration measurement, lubrication, control & safety valves, troubleshooting and automation.


Bo Rasmusson

Bo Rasmusson

BU Manager
Main Contracts

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