Turbine service

Our nordic rotating machine department is one of the biggest brand independent service providers of service on heavy rotating equipment in europe!

Bilfinger has worked in the area for almost 30 years. During these years we have had zero (0) personnel injuries!


Bilfinger's network for rotating machinery:

At Bilfinger we, since many years, have a well-developed database containing Bilfinger's specialists in rotating machinery. This means that we can take on assignments such as supervisors at a number of different OEM´s, but also that we can deliver skilled specialized service technicians.

The assignments may consist, for example, of the overhaul of machines, renovations, upgrades or new installation projects.

The network enables us to put together the right team with the right experience for each mission.



Mattias Johansson

Mattias Johansson

Department Manager
Project & Maintenance

Mobile: +46 708-649273

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