Heat Exchanger Service

Bilfinger performs service of tub heat exchangers for the industry

In order to obtain the highest focus on HSE, quality and efficiency, Bilfinger uses tube extractors on Heat Exchanger audit works. Bilfinger has a variety of Bundle pullers, both self-propelled and non-self-propelled.

Practically, this means that we use a tool (Bundle puller) to pull out the Heat Exchanger package on a cradle aided by hydraulics, and then lift it down to ground level for further loading on trailers or similar.

With the self-propelled Bundle puller, no separate crane is required to lift or lift the packages.

Bilfinger can also design and  manufacture customized Heat Exchangers in our own workshops.


Mattias Johansson

Mattias Johansson

Department Manager
Project & Maintenance

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