Pipe & mechanical designing

Every industrial equipment requires its own piping systems, always adapted according to the conditions and design data applying in each specific case.

Bilfinger has extensive experience in designing pipe systems for transporting the desired media between different equipment such as e.g. pumps, tanks and heat exchangers.

Our designers can, as an example, help you as a customer with pipe designing, 3D modeling, isometric generation, layout of layouts, re-modeling and modification of production equipment, foundations and structure drawings, stress and strength calculations as well as schedules and cost calculations.

We carry out everything from overall design and execution to excellence in individual areas.

One of our many special areas is the design and manufacture of tanks, pressure vessels and cisterns.


Christer Nyborg

Christer Nyborg

Department Manager Engineering
Project & Maintenance

Mobile: +46 729-936653

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Peter Fant

Peter Fant

Department Manager
Project & Maintenance
Avesta, Sandviken, Borlänge

Mobile: +46 766-079149

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