Strength Calculations

We perform sustainability calculations for dimensioning of piping systems, pressure vessels, tanks and cisterns.

The calculations not only show whether the design is strong enough or not, it can also help to optimize the thicknesses of goods etc. to get the most cost-effective design possible without compromising safety.

If you require approved calculations or drawings from a third party, we will also take care of that, all to facilitate you as a customer.

At Bilfinger we do strength calculations within our own projects as well as on external designs, depending on what you as a customer wants.

The calculations are made in well-established software such as CaePipe and VVD (Visual Vessel Design).

We can also perform FEM analyses and calculate steel structures.


Christer Nyborg

Christer Nyborg

Department Manager Engineering
Project & Maintenance

Mobile: +46 729-936653

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Peter Fant

Peter Fant

Department Manager
Project & Maintenance
Avesta, Sandviken, Borlänge

Mobile: +46 766-079149

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